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Jolt Education is an internet add-on that enables K-8 teachers to drag and drop vetted short-form educational video content into their existing lessons! Jolts can be used as openers, closers, brain breaks, or quick reviews throughout a lesson.

Jolts spark deeper thinking and conversation by introducing students to real-world STEM and SEL concepts.


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Jolt Founder, Jade Peterson, is a licensed K-8 educator, who has most recently taught middle school science. Her inspiration for Jolt came from starting each of her classes with a TikTok video of the day. This could be a video that relates to curriculum or something to supplement such as a science news story or STEM career highlight. These clips helped her students make connections outside of the classroom, but it was often difficult as a teacher to find videos that were engaging and school-appropriate.


As a current University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education Masters Student, Jade is excited to be developing a solution to this problem with Jolt Education! 

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